Monday, April 5, 2010


Our Easter started Saturday night with a visit from Papa Paul, Grandma Michelle and Uncle Eric. They came by and brought the boys some Easter baskets. And even more exciting were the dogs Boomer and Kingman. We SO need a dog!!! The boys were in HEAVEN!!

The Easter Bunny came and the boys were loving it!! I love the early morning look on there faces. I mean 6am EARLY!! I love how excited they were!

All of the boys were having a hard time looking at the camera....I guess my flash was too bright.

After Easter baskets we headed out to Temecula to watch conference and spend time with my family. It was especially wonderful to have conference on Easter sunday.
Ryder was loving the swings and Grampy. He was cuddling with Grampy all through conference.

In always rare shot of me and Jeff. How did I not get one of all of us??

Carter and Noah looking for the eggs and the good candy!

We did "chicken feed" in the grass, we poured a BUNCH of candy in the grass and the kids just went crazy for it. My kids were happy to pick up one piece and eat it. I put a bunch on the trampoline....Sawyer thought it was great.

Grammy and Grampy were jumping with Ryder.....this is where they were during the earthquake. My mom thought we were all crazy and she said they were making the ground shake from funny.

Heather and I were coordinating all the kids when the earthquake happened. I felt totally dizzy it was by far the most interesting earthquake I have felt.

Here are all the cousins. I love that my kids have all of my cousins to grow up with. I was never close with my cousins so I love them being able to play together.

Ryder was obsessed with the swings!!
It was wonderful to spend the whole day with our family. I love my family. I am so blessed with such great examples and wonderful people.
I was so touched by conference and the many wonderful talks about parenting and motherhood. Especially the talks about being examples to the youth and truly LIVING the things we are teaching them. It makes me so sad when I see people doing the do as I say not as I do parenting. I am grateful for the reminders. For the love of our wonderful church leaders. It was a perfect Sunday to celebrate the true meaning of Easter and the wonderful Atonement of our Savior!


Aaron Shaw said...

Looks like fun!

Hancocks said...

Perfect! Easter is so fun and it was perfect to have it on conference weekend! Cute pics!