Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Book

My In-laws gave me this book a few weeks ago. I finished it tonight, and I just really felt I had to tell all my "mom friends" about it.

This was such an amazing book. I loved everything about it. It reminded me a lot of the book that Dr. Laura wrote last year. Only this was written by an LDS woman. She quotes prophets and scriptures in such a glorious way. I felt so moved many times in this book. My favorite parts were about how we are all Mothers and all need to help and encourage one another and help one another. I felt especially touched by that part. I feel like in this last year I got VERY caught up in a comparison game I was constantly comparing my looks, my kids, my house, my cars. EVERYTHING. In the last few weeks I have really come to realize and take stock of the REAL relationships in my life. Those friendships that lift me up and edify me and the ones that while they are "fun" don't make me want to be a better person.

I feel like every young mom goes through the seasons of life where you feel lost, under valued, under paid. This book really reminded me of why I am doing all of this why I wanted to be a Mom and why I am grateful for my own Mom and all the "mom" figures in my life.

For the past few months I have struggled so much with anxiety with so much worry about the job I am general about everything. I really feel joy for the first time in a while and really am ENJOYING the season of life I am in. This is huge for me! I am hoping I can make this last. That I can work on new goals and new ideas. I seriously feel like it is a new year or something.

I just loved everything about this book. I would suggest any woman who is questioning there divine role in this world to take the time to read this. I promise you will uplifted and renewed as I was!!!

Mothers Day is coming I tell you put this on your lists!!!


Larsens said...

Oh, I cant wait to get my hands on this book! You know I love anything in print that tells me all the sacrifice is worth it!

karin said...

I got this book right after we moved into our apartment here. I LOVE it.

Hancocks said...

Love it! Guess that should be my next read!

Heather said...

Even "old" moms feel this way and could use a little up-lifting. I can't wait to read it! And I CAN tell a difference in drove all the way to Temecula for a little picnic today...and you didn't even seem stressed out!

Bethany said...

I would love to borrow it when Angela is done!!

Aubrey Leong said...

I loved this book too. I think I need to read it again though!