Saturday, March 20, 2010

Three Three Three

Happy Birthday Sawyer!!!!
Sawyer is such a crack up! I can't believe he is THREE!! He is such a little man and we have so much fun with him!! Sawyer at three.......
*Loves to play outside and asks about every second when he can go outside.
*Loves to EAT
*Has a hard time making up his mind and does not do well with many options
*Loves his brothers he misses Noah so much when he goes to school
*Loves to dress up and play pretend
*He is the best cuddler and gives the BEST hugs!
*Holds a grudge
*Super stubborn
*LOVES his Daddy and asks for him about every hour
*Hates to get his hair cut!
*Gets into EVERYTHING!
We love our little Sawyer and can't believe that another year has gone by Happy Birthday Buddy!!

At 2!!!

First Birthday.......

6 Months.......


Courtney N said...

Happy birthday little guy!

karin said...

He seriously is an adult. I thought he had grown up but seeing the previous years photos really show how much he has grown up. Hope he (and you) has a great day!

Hancocks said...

So cute! He's growing up so fast! It was fun to see the pics when he was younger too!

Aaron Shaw said...

Happy Birthday Sawyer!