Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Noah LOVES his preschool. He has been looking forward to going back for weeks! Unfortunately he missed his first day because he was recovering from our trip. He was so excited to go! He picked out his new Superman shirt and of course his "checkers" as he calls him he loves his new slip on vans.

I was hoping to get a few pictures once we got to school but he ran straight to the back yard and never looked back. I barely got a kiss goodbye. He was so happy to get back and see a lot of his old friends from last year and meet a few new friends.


He is such a social friendly little guy. I just love my Noah he is getting so big and it KILLS me that he will be in elementary school next year!
Tomorrow he was asked to bring a picture of his car he drives to school in.....he wanted to stand next to it!

Noah also got to go on a day date with Aunt Lisa today....he hasn't stopped talking about it. He was so happy when he went to bed and had a fabulous time. Thanks Aunt Lisa for making him feel extra special!!!!

Grandma Jody brought over these baseball jammies....I had to take pictures of my matchy boys....they are so fun.

Even though they keep me super super busy I am so grateful for this time with them. These first four years as a mom has gone by so quickly I am sure when they are all in school I am going to wish I could be at home with them all day. I love being a mommy to these cute little men....I never thought I would be a mom to all boys but lately I can't imagine having it ANY other way!
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Jamie said...

I can not believe how big he is getting!

Aaron Shaw said...

You little dudes are so cool!

Lisa said...

You're doing a great job! Thanks again for sharing Noah with me for the day. I had a great time too!

karin said...

Noah is so big. Kindergarten is kind of kicking my butt, so I am scared for next year when it is ALL day. Love the matchy jammies.

cari said...

Way to go Noah!!! I wish you and Carter could be in school together...that would be way cool!

Bethany said...

Ahhh, he is so cute! I love his hair! Are those PJ's from Carters?
Is Aunt Lisa Lisa Rice?