Monday, September 14, 2009

Neilson Family Reunion!

On Friday we packed the kids up for the weekend to head to Las Vegas for the Neilson Reunion on Saturday. Anyone who knows me knows I have serious anxiety about traveling with my kids. I like control I like them in there beds I like my own bed. I am a freak I know. Jeff reminds me that these opportunities are good for them and I suppose he is right. (although I am slightly not feeling that today since I got no sleep last night because Noah was up all night sick to his tummy) I should just be happy it didn't happen in the car. Even with the stomach yuckiness we had a good weekend. Much better than I had anticipated. So here is a rundown of our quick trip!

Ryder HATES the car...perhaps he is why I was so nervous. Luckily licorce saved us in the hours of screaming or at least gave us a 15 minute break.

Finally we made it to the's not Vegas without Elvis. The hotel had two swans named Elvis and Priscella the boys loved feeding them lettuce and getting up close with them.

We headed to Henderson to catch Cafe Rio and Neilsen's Custard yummmmm it is so yummy and so worth the treck!

After dinner we took the boys down the strip to check out the lights. The boys loved it and didn't want to go back to bed!

Saturday morning we had some time to kill before the reunion so we decided to check out the Mandalay Bay aquirium. It was so cool! I would say a must see. The boys loved it and so did the adults.

After the aquarium we had a quick lunch and then we headed over to the M&M and Coke factory. The boys had a great time trying soda and picking out there M&M's.

Finally we headed out to Moapa where the church owns some property. At first we were wondering where we were headed because it was in the middle of NO where. But there was a great pool for the kids and plenty of tables to sit and talk. We spent most of the time in the pool with the boys, it is hard to socialize with three little ones.

The Don and Connie Neilson Family.
We are missing a few but most of us made the trek.

The boys sword fighting with these big leaves.

Ryder was happy with his watermelon.

Most of us all stayed at the same hotel. They had a great free breakfast buffet. It was great for us to sit and chat in the morning.
Aunt Heidi, Taylee, David and Sawyer....

Nana, Papa, David and Noah.


David and Noah

Four Generations.

We are glad to be home but we had a good time being together. The cousins have so much fun together. Jody's Aunt Janice made a really cool book of her Grandparents and all of her aunts and uncles it was really neat. It has definitely inspired me to get all my pictures in books so we can enjoy all these wonderful memories!


karin said...

I am glad you had a great time. I travel with kids because I don't want to miss out on things but I think that is changing.

The Four on Board said...

i am probably more of a freak about traveling than least you do it! troy hates me for it. you look GREAT in all these pictures!

Kelly said...

Glad you guys had fun! We will see how things go for us on Friday as we drive up to Utah. You look really good in these pictures! I love the color and length of your hair :)

cari said...

So it looks like you guys had a great time, the kids are as cute as ever, yadda, yadda, yadda...Can I tell you that I LOVE HOW LONG YOUR HAIR IS GETTING??!!! So cute. Don't cut it. I wanna see how much longer it will get. =)