Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beach Days!

The last two Saturdays we have been heading to the beach. The boys love it and have so much fun playing in the white wash. Ryder enjoys eating every rock, piece of seaweed he can find. So nasty!
Ryder crawls so fast when headed to the water. Last Saturday we went with the Rice's to the beach so Jeff and David could surf. I think Jeff had fun....he wants to go again. He hadn't surfed in atleast 11 years!

This little girl was so cute she would swim out with her board and then her dad would put her up and she would ride the wave all the way in. It was the cutest thing!!!

On Monday night Jeff had to show some houses so we went to Grandma and Grandpa's so that we could swim and have family night. I had wanted to talk to the boys about pioneers but we mostly just made ice cream in a bag. The boys had fun shaking it. Actually putting it in a food storage can proved to be much faster.

Yesterday Jeff said he wanted to go down to San Clemente. I knew if we were heading all that way we were going to stop at the rainbow outlet. I finally got new brown rainbows. I even found Noah a really cute blue pair! Love Rainbows!!!

Once at the beach the boys were so sad when they couldn't really get in.....the waves were HUGE. I have never seen them that big before. Jeff was sad bc he wanted to boogie board. But there was no way. The life guards wouldn't even let the kids get in and swim. only playing on the shore. SCARY. It was entertaining watching the crazy surfers and the lone body boarder. Such dare devils!

The last few nights this is what we have found when going to bed. These two just love each other. If I am punishing one the other runs in and mumbles something about being brothers. They are so fun. I can't wait for Ryder to join in....oh wait I can wait!!!!


Lisa said...

What cuties! Looks like alot of fun>

The Four on Board said...

that is the cutest picture of the boys sleeping together. It almost made me cry :)
hey how do you do ice cream in a bag? that is really neat! i would love to try that out!
oh! we do need to do a day at the lake..lets plan it soon!

Courtney N said...

Oh man I love love LOVE my rainbows! I've had the same pair since my freshman year of High School... I've dug with them... I've backpacked with them... and they are still rockin!

Darci said...

We need to go again to the beach it was really cold the one time we went with my sis. So cute that the boys sleep together!!!