Friday, July 24, 2009

Funny Kid.....

Total mom blogging moment. Lets be honest that is pretty much all that is ever on our blog. Noah and Jeff had a funny conversation this morning.
Yesterday I was completely out of it with a horrible migraine. So the house was beyond trashed from the boys playing and me not caring. Think crumbs every toy and every blanket from our house. They were making waterslides off the couch. Pretty imaginative if you ask me! Anyway Jeff told Noah to start cleaning up this morning....which Noah argued....gotta love four year olds. Jeff continued to tell him that he was the big brother and he needed to be a good examples for the babies. Two which Noah said he needed a baby sister because she would know how to clean up better. Jeff laughed. I said from your mouth to God's ears. To which Jeff told him to pray. Then Noah said he didn't know where he lived. I guess we have to get to work on that one. I just love that kid. He is so funny!

Oh and NO we are not pregnant I think Noah just wants a baby because a lot of his friends Mom's are preggers. Sorry bud you will be waiting for that one for a while!!!

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karin said...

Noah is funny. I would wonder if he had been hanging out with my boys but he only mentioned ONE baby sister, right? My boys like to tell me "we need a another baby, this time a girl baby," then Austin adds, "TWO BABIES." I tell them to talk to their dad but I can only handle one baby at a time, so they need to make sure they get that request right.