Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shake Shake Shake.....

Well since this is basically my journal this is more for more me than any of you but anyway....
We had a 5.4 earthquake here in so-cal. I actually was heading in for my two week check up, I would not even have known it was an earthquake except I had been on the phone...thanks Karin. But really I was standing there getting the stroller out of the car thinking wow this is a really crappy parking structure you can feel every car. Nope actually an earthquake. I was just glad that I was not in the elevator or the drs. office. My office is on the fifth floor and from what I heard it shook and swayed really bad, because it is built on rollers. I HATE earthquakes and probably would have had an anxiety attack. The really scary thing to me was not being able to get through on the cell phones....not knowing if the boys were okay at home. I wasn't too worried I knew they were in good hands with Grandma Jody.
But I was relieved that Jeff had talked to them.
So after that scare I start getting anxiety worrying about what I would do in an actual disaster....and now that I have three it is a little more complicated....I kept thinking what would I grab what should I have set aside..seriously it gives me an anxiety attack just thinking about it. I have a sudden urge to pack Jeff a survival kit since he will most likely be at work. So for fun here is a small list of stuff I would grab....what would you grab in a rush??
+my babies
+comfort toy for each child
+my glasses/contact solution
+scrapbooks...If I had enough time
+medicine basket

That is just off the top of my head. I hope I don't ever have to do that but it is something to think about.


karin said...

I would grab my kids and diaper bag. If I had more time I would grab a change (or two) of clothes for each of us, contact stuff (hopefully I will be wearing my glasses), laptop and camera (a lot of our pictures are on both).
I wasn't too scared but I was worried because my sister was driving here and Bryan is gone, so if it hadn't stopped soon I would have started freaking out. And I HATE when I can't use my cell, so that was annoying.

Darci said...

!. Obviously grab the kids
2. Laptop, it has all of my pictures on it.
3. Scrapbooks
4. clothes
5. bottles
6. some food

I have thought about this also, it is crazy.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

i started thinking about all of this when we had the fires last year. i should really be more prepared. i really hate earthquakes too, that one of down sides of living in southern california.

Unknown said...

I was so freaked out and felt so unprepared that I packed a bag and took it to the car so I was ready!!! I hadn't even thought of grabbing the laptop - Thanks for thinking of that guys. It really makes you think of all the times the prophet talks about being prepared.

Courtney N said...
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Courtney N said...

This is funny cause when I was growing up our Sunday school teachers use to ask us this same question, "what would you take if there was a fire or some kind of natural disaster?" We would always answer with "our scriptures". Yea yea yea. But when there was a fire in Coto a few years back, people brought some things to our house so we could hold on to them incase their houses burnt down. You know what they ended up bringing? Their scriptures!! I don't blame them at all. I have marked up my scriptures and I would miss them so much if they were lost in a disaster. Other then those I would grab my laptop (pictures and essays). If you are super paranoid then get a safe. I have one that is water proof, fire proof and pretty much tough stuff. I keep my passport, important documents, and a backup thumb-drive that has my pictures on it in the safe : ) That might be something to think about.