Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pumpkins and General Conference!!!!

I love the fall season....I love the changing leaves, cooler weather, fall scents and the leaves that change colors but most of all I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch!!!! I was so sad last year when Noah would not take pictures for me, not much has changed....On Saturday we had a great family day!!! We went to the Corner Bakery for lunch....I love that place!!! They have the best sandwiches and salads....well the best everything I don't think I have ever had something that I don't like!! After that we took the boys to the Pumpkin City Pumpkin Patch. Once again I felt the need to take a thousand pictures luckily this year Sawyer can't argue so I got some really cute pictures of him. (Noah and Jeff did not like to participate as much)

My little cowboys!!!

Sunday we went down to Temecula to watch General Conference....Noah loves to be with his cousins. When we got in the car to go home it occurred to both of us that we had hardly seen Noah all day long!! We had a great time being together and it is always such a treat to get to listen to conference!!

All we did ALL day was eat!!!!
Noah's cousin Carter.........


karin said...

I love the fall too, too bad it isn't really fall here. Bryan hates his picture taken too. I wish my boys had not wanted our attention as much but I did get to watch more than I thought I would.
Where is that Pumpkin Patch?

Abby said...

I agree with you it isn't fall here it makes me want to go back to Utah...wow did I just say that....the pumpkin patch is outside the Laguna Hills mall it is a great one...nice and small perfect for our boys!!