Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am DONE!!!!

I quit it is official I am done!! These fires that are all around us are making us crazy. Noah my very high energy child is going bonkers not being able to play outside or leave the house. The last time we stayed indoors for this many days was when we were sick a few weeks ago and so he keeps telling me he is sick and needs to go to the Dr. so he can get out of the house. Yesterday was better we had a fire party at our house, and it was so nice to sit around and talk while the kids played. But I really hope that this gets under control. The Santiago fire has been close to our house so far we have been fine but I still want to stay close in case we need to grab stuff and run. It has been a very good lesson for us and getting our things together and realizing what we need to have on hand with two little ones!! These pictures are to show the sky by our house and the ash on our car. This is after our gardener came and used a leaf blower to dust some of it off..I am trying so hard to not leave, Sawyer was up all night again last night his cough is back I think from all the smoke! If you look on my friend Kelly's blog it shows a map of how close we came to the fire we live. We are right under the 241 and by Marguerite, so it has come close but is now going the other direction but still only 30 percent contained.


karin said...

I am DONE too! Hopefully the mall will be fun for us and the kids.

cari said...

I too, am done. Porter and Carter, they're waaaaaaay done. I'm jealous that I couln't be there at your fire party. =(