Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome Home Nash......

Christmas Eve day Jeff and I headed down to the hospital to camp out waiting for the Doctor.....hoping we would get the good news that Nash could come home.  When we first arrived the Nurse who he had was not supportive. She basically said she didn't think we could go home today.  I was so angry. I knew he would be fine he would have little dips and spells while eating which I knew and I knew exactly what to do...sometimes he just needed help breathing, sucking and swallowing. we sat around for a long time waiting for the word from the Dr. Finally she came in and said we felt confident so she wasn't worried about sending us home.  I couldn't wait to get out of there fast enough! Thankfully Grammy, and Leslie were holding down the fort at home making cookies for Santa and keeping the boys busy!! 

 The boys were so excited to finally hold Nash. Rhys was so cute with him and has continued to love him and even tries to share his snacks with Nash.

Christmas Eve was especially sweet with all of my babies home under one roof. I slept for the first time since Nash was born.....well slept better or as much as you can with a newborn!!

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Courtney N said...

What a cute happy family! I am so glad that everyone is happy and healthy1