Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve was spent over at my Grandparents with all the Morgan's and yes I realize how crazy it was that I took my NICU released baby but I slapped on the Ergo and no one bugged him at all. Also in large part to my mom giving everyone a pep talk before we arrived about keeping a perimeter. I love my family could't imagine a holiday with out them.  

 Cari and Heather had a great idea to make every family do a game or skit it was very entertaining only next year we might need to start a little earlier!!

 The reindeer panty hose game was a HUGE hit.  Once home it was time to set out cookies and milk and open Christmas PJ's.....Santa came and we had some very spoiled boys!!

 First night all tucked in his bed....

Red mustaches and funny glasses were a hit in the stockings this year!!

 I got my very own doll to play with.....yes that is a real doll box!

 My perfect baby Jesus!!

I can't believe we made it to Christmas. I was a little sad because I didn't get to do all my traditions that I love about this time of year. But all and all it was a wonderful Christmas!!

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