Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love day!!

I wasn't fully feeling the Valentine's day spirit this year :( I didn't even decorate! SO SO sad.
With painting and un packing it just didn't happen. But we still enjoyed a great day!

When the boys woke up I made them pink eggs and I attempted a pinterest creation of heart shaped bacon.
The boys got lots of treats and love and had a great day.

We went over to Grammy and Grampy's to celebrate Aaron's Bday. We are loving living so close to them!

Rhys enjoyed lots of sweets himself. A sugar cookie and a sucker!

Anything to get a chance to eat dinner myself and do dishes!!

Last night Jeff and I went on a date!! A real date. My parents came over and watched the boys. We realized it was our first real date since Rhys was born. Usually we would take him with us. So it was a real treat!

Love my favorite valentine!!

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