Friday, February 24, 2012

Boys update

I feel like I am forgetting things more and more maybe it is my impending 30th birthday. Or that life is a constant state of busy. The boys are growing so fast and it makes me a little sad/ happy. So before I forget about the cute things they do:

Noah: He is loving going to school with his cousins and still thinks it is fun when he runs into them at school. He had his first cousin sleep over last week and loved it! He started baseball a few weeks ago. It is the cutest thing to see him get his baseball bag all organized and ready to go. He is having so much fun. It keeps us super busy with that and all his home work. He is a big helper and still comes an tells me he loves me a few times a day.

He Is a hungry boy and starting requesting a double double at in n out! He is growing so big.

Sawyer: Is loving his new preschool and making friends fast. He is mastering his sight words and having tons of fun. He is a big helper when Noah is at school and often reminds me how SMART he is. He comes up with the funniest things.

Ryder: he is handling the move the hardest. He keeps asking when he gets to go home and see his friends. It is SO sad. He doesn't like when all his brothers are at school but loves his special time with mom and a chance to get out and get a special treat with mom.

Rhys: he is just such a love and makes me so happy. I love his early morning cuddles and when he sucks his thumb and puts his head on my shoulder.
It scares me how fast this year has gone by and that my baby isn't really a baby anymore.

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Wells Family said...

Your boys are all so cute! I miss all the friends and family that we left behide. Give the Wyands a big hug from us.