Monday, January 2, 2012


A few weeks ago Jeff called me to tell me he had a job interview with an accounting firm in Murrieta. Neither of us thought very much of. For the last 5 years Jeff has applied for a lot of jobs and non of them went anywhere. Well we were shocked when after a second interview Jeff was offered a job.

Back story: we have been trying to buy a house around here for six months. We have put in many offers and nothing has panned out.
Once we decided we were probably going to take the job we went out to Temecula to look at possible houses.

I have had my eyes on these amazing homes in Paseo Del Sol for about a year now. I told Jeff they were my dream homes. So when we walked through the models and the lady told us they had one that just fell out of escrow the day before and would be ready in January we couldnt help but say YES!

So here it is.....

The house is amazing! It is at the end of a culdesac on a HUGE lot!!! The people who were in the process of buying it did a ton of upgrades. I got to go last week and pick out the flooring. It has been such a fun process!! I can't wait to start the whole move!!

It is very bitter sweet to leave Orange County. I have SO many amazing friends whom I am sick about leaving. But with how quickly everything has fallen into place we know that the Lord is steering us in this next chapter in our life.

January is going to be an insane whirlwind. Packing, commuting, and moving. But we are truly blessed to be starting off 2012 with such a bang!!
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karin said...

I am SO EXCITED for you! It is interesting and calming to know (especially when things go quickly) that this is the plan.

* I'm not exited about the commuting part

Larsens said...

So sad your leaving but super happy your finding your settling place. The house looks great!

Whitmore Family said...

I am always on the Lennar website looking at the townhouses in Mission Viejo (because that's my dream house at the stage I'm at with no kids), so I thought I take a look at the one you're buying. It's so nice!! I am jealous! I can't wait to see it. Congrats :)