Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maybe it's just me.....

Before I got pregnant with #4 I was hesitant. However many people told me oh once you have three you might as well have 10. Well guess what they LIE!!!

It's partially my own fault that I am going crazy. I still want to do things and pretend I don't have four boys 6 and under. For example,
Going to any store for 1 or 2 things
Going out to dinner
Going to the mall

And those are just to name a few.

People keep telling me wow slow down you have a newborn. But really If they came over to my house they would probably tell me to get my butt in gear.

My children and are all still acting out each in there own way....

Ryder, he knows the second I sit down to nurse and goes for the jugular. Today he smeared not one but two things of pudding all over the ottoman.
I literally have to keep the cupboard lock with me at all time and a lock on the fridge otherwise I pay for it.

Sawyer: recently my visiting teacher asked him how the new baby was he told her he was dead....and sadly he is the most nurturing.

Noah: oh Noah my sassy sassy 6 year old. He has been something else and is having the hardest time. He snapped a pencil in front of his teacher. She acted like he murdered someone but that is a whole other topic.

I wish I could say the adjustment is easier but in truth you will have to come over you will see dirty boys most likely not clothed me in sweats that is if I dragged myself out of bed and a sink full of dishes. Oh and a home cooked meal? Ha not this week.

I'm not saying all this for a pitty party. I just have to document that this is hard. There is stuff that no one can prepare you for. And lucky for me the older they get the harder it is. I guess I should have listened when my mom said little people little problems.

So here's to another LONG week. Slowly I am hoping to gain what little control I once had. Until then don't judge :)


The Four on Board said...

we stopped at 2 for a reason. i have never said have 3 have 10...remember? i have always said you are crazy :) but you ALWAYS seem like you have it ALWAYS look cuter than me and i only have 2. You do a great job Abby!

karin said...

Oh Abby. Did you document any thing like this when Ryder was a newborn? Having a newborn is hard. Whether it is your first and you think it is the hardest thing ever or your tenth, having another person to be responsible for and join the family is hard.
Umm, most days I have dirty dishes in my sink and I have no newborn to blame. My child that is home with me, let's just say we go places so he at least has something on (seriously not joking about this one). I put on clothes to get the boys from school (that is AFTER 2 PM!). And I go to Sonic. A lot. More than I used too. The "homemade" meals we have had this week, quesadillas (that Bryan made) and my super easy chicken parm that is already breaded chicken breasts, oh Bryan basically made that too.
Maybe I should blog about this too and then when Bryan wonders what happened, I can reply "it has always been this way, we just don't like to remember it is this way" :)

AND, you are AMAZING!!! You do more with 3 active boys and a newborn than anyone I know. I would call you but my in-laws are here.

karin said...

Oh. It does get easier. And it will be a lot easier when you have 2 in school. The problems seem more emotional/mental but you aren't so physically tired. With toddlers and babies, I seem so physically tired with their needs and with the bigger boys, I worry about if they are learning enough or if they have nice friends or do people think they are annoying (I know they are just kids but still).

Okay, I'm done with the novels. But I think you are fabulous and wish I was there to go out to lunch and we can be crazy together thinking we can do it with our combined 8(!!!) boys! Remember when we thought it was crazy when we did it with 2 toddlers and a baby each? Those were great, simpler times.

Lindsey said...

I have no idea what it's like to have four but from what I read and see you are such a good mom. Those kids are very lucky and I can see it in everything you write how much you love them. My guess is they are just testing you like crazy. They want your attention because they love you so much :). Really you are such a great example to me and always have been. Not to mention you were a light to me at a very hard a dark time. I wish I could do what you do. Maybe one day ;). Love ya!

Charise said...

I love you!!! I can't believe you feel overwhelmed. Whenever I see you out and about,m you make it LOOK SO EASY.

Heavenly Father must be so proud of you raising FOUR AMAZING MEN. Someday you will have great rewards for every crisis you are going through right now!!

Yes, 3 is much easier... maybe I am done.

Thanks for coming to Kids Are Music this week. It was so much fun to see you!!