Friday, April 8, 2011

Tag Team

That's exactly what these two are doing to me. It's moments when they look like this that save me from locking them outside in the rain........ They must have been exhausted from destroying the house.

Between nursing, pumping and all the other Mom stuff there is a lot of down time for these two to trash the place. And boy are they doing a good job.

I was telling Jeff I am so tired of things being broken or ruined from them.....It will end right??

This weeks tally:

*car door no longer opens from the inside

*stickers covering car windows

*crayon on two new walls

*dumped an entire bottle of baby powder on the freshly mopped floor

*crumbled an entire package of hawaiian rolls and then threw them in the trash

* they ate have a costco size container of strawberries

Not to mention the day to day messes.....these kids have no clue how to eat and get food everywhere I can't wait for it to be a bit warmer so they can eat outside every night. Bathroom covered in pee and tooth paste. Ryder keeps stripping down and peeing everywhere....I need to potty train him but seriously I can't even imagine adding that into the mix right now.

Ugh....mostly it isn't even noon yet. It is going to be a LONG day!!

1 comment:

karin said...

I LOVE, LOVE how real you are. I wish I took more photos of day-to-day life (or that my kids would still "perform" once the camera was out). I wish my kids slept like that (without staying up until midnight!). I wished we were neighbors and those 2 could come over and entertain my 2 that are home destroying.
It does get easier with the messes but other things are harder. Sometimes I prefer cleaning up messes of toddlers than the other stuff.