Monday, March 7, 2011


This will probably be long and boring for most but for my sake here is the story of our miracle boy.........Last Saturday I was released from the hospital on strict bed rest. I will say I have done bed rest with each pregnancy and this was by far the easiest to actually be on bed rest. I felt really lousy so it was easier for me to actually lay around and do nothing. Monday night I wasn't feeling good. Jeff really wanted me to go to the hospital but I was convinced that I just felt yucky from so many days of lying down. My entire body ached. I got a great night's sleep after taking some Tylenol PM thank goodness! I woke up Tuesday feeling great I took a shower and did my hair and everything. I knew Tuesday was going to be an easier day Noah and Sawyer both had school and one of my friends had offered to take Ryder for the day. I was looking forward to the couch and relaxing the day away. Around 10 I crashed. I wasn't feeling good at all. With Pre-eclampsia they tell you to call if your blood pressure is over 140/90 if you have a headache or unusual swelling. I had a horrible headache and my vision was totally blurry. I texted Jeff and told him that I wasn't feeling so hot he asked me what my blood pressure was......150/100.
After talking to the Dr. they wanted to see me in the hospital to check things out.
When we got to the hospital they hooked me up to the monitors and my blood pressure was perfect. I had this crazy nurse who was making me hold my arms all funny and said this was the trick to getting low pressures. I was SO frustrated I didn't feel well and I knew that something was wrong. I felt exactly the same as I did with Ryder the day I delivered. They did blood work and other labs and everything was fine. Then my blood pressure started climbing at one point the bottom number was up to 110. That was it the next thing I knew I went from being told I was going home to a panic of getting my c-section started in the next 30 minutes.

Getting all ready to go in. I was so sad I didn't get a good belly shot before I went in I was a little sad to be done with pregnancy I was enjoying my belly!
Thankfully I got a new nurse she is a lady in our stake and she took amazing care of me. It was such a huge comfort to me especially since my mom was on her way but wasn't going to make it before I went in. She has been there before each one and she is SO calming for me I was trying so hard to not get anxious and remain calm. This c-section was by FAR my best yet! I didn't get super sick like I always do. I had the best anesthesiologist who listened to everything I said and I swear that made all the difference.

Jeff is such a trooper he is so wonderful at helping to keep me calm. He has been amazing through bed rest and all I have no clue how he did it all the last two weeks.

Finally he was out.........they had him out really quickly! He looked so teeny when they held him up. I felt so bad for the poor little guy just ripped from the womb like that. Right away he was doing really well. They were in the room working on him for a while and I was so happy he had an awesome cry! His lungs were great I had received steroids for his lungs the week before and I think that made all the difference.

Rhys Neil Trapp
4lbs. 11oz.

As they were working on Rhys I could hear Jeff say he wasn't feeling well. The nurses
quickly got him out of the room. Poor guy they had him sit down in the hall way with some juice.
He said the room suddenly got very warm and he thought he was going to pass out. The nurses were glad he spoke up a lot of people just pass out which means a check up in the ER and lots of paperwork. I am SO glad he didn't pass out.
I finally made it to recovery my parents and Jody and Rich came in and visited me showing me pictures of Rhys. It was good to have them all there because it helped me not think about the pain and the horrible shaking which I HATE!! The worst part of high blood pressure is the magnesium they put me on afterwards to prevent seizures. It burns so much going in the IV and makes me feel nasty. So the next day or so was kind of a blur.

We had many many many visitors. These three were my favorites though. They have been such troopers with all the craziness. My parents have been amazing bringing the boys back and forth and taking such good care of them.

All and all we are doing much better than a week ago. I was checked out from the hospital on Saturday. Rhys will have to be there a few more days. He is doing awesome. He eats like a champ and his lungs look great. So we wait I can't wait to have all my little men under one roof. Huge huge thank you's to the amazing people in our life who have helped in so many ways! I feel so blessed!
phew......sorry that was SO long. More to come of the last few days!!!


Wells Family said...

Congrats! I am glad that it all went well, and that Rhys is doing good. He is beautiful! He looks like Michael. You are such a trooper! If your mom has the boys, tell her to call me and we can meet up for a playdate. I can't wait to see more pictures of Rhys!

Aubrey Leong said...

Wow...I'm so happy that your little guy is healthy! Good job...and CONGRATS!!!