Saturday, March 26, 2011


I wish I wish this was a picture of me......if only I could fall asleep like that!!
I survived my FIRST week all alone. And WOW. SO SO SO many people told me oh once you have three you might as well have ten because you are already out numbered.....oh heck NO!!!
Rhys is such an AMAZING baby. He is already so patient and so content.....I am really really hoping this lasts and it's not just that he should still be in the womb. But we will see.
As for the other boys...they are proving to be difficult.....that would be an understatement. There is no control around here....I am trying so hard to take it back but with zero sleep and busy season I don't see it happening anytime soon. They are each acting out I am going to make them T-shirts that say I am acting this way because I have a new baby at home. Maybe I wouldn't be judged as long can I use this as an excuse??
I am hoping that each day that passes we will get more and more comfortable in our new normal.


The Four on Board said...

i have no idea how you do it Abby! NO IDEA!!!! You are amazing!! I know i always say it but you are!

karin said...

I'm so glad Rhys is a good baby, it makes getting to the new normal so much easier. The other boys will get it soon. Busy season doesn't help getting to the new normal, I am sure. I wish I was there to "help" but really, you are A.MAZ.ING. I really wish we were neighbors.