Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Heart Day!!

We already know I love any excuse for a theme and some celebrating. Valentine's day is one of my favorites! It was a VERY crazy with the start of construction and sick sick sick kids but I still had to celebrate..........
We started the morning with pink pancakes.......not such a hit. My kids freak out when I change the color of things but I am determined for them to like it :) I saw this idea on a blog and thought it was so cute we had yummy yummy pizza, I cut all the pepperoni's in the shape of hearts the boys thought I was silly but really liked it!

Jeff love's Pina Colada's so I surprised him with some. These glasses always make me laugh we got them in the dollar bin on our first anniversary for sparkling cider. They make the drinks so much more fun!!!
Valentine's also marks the anniversary of us getting engaged! Jeff absolutely shocked me with a gorgeous new ring. I couldn't believe it.....still can't. It is gorgeous. It is a combined vday, birthday last baby gift. Thanks babe! I felt like a jerk because all I got Jeff for Vday was a dodger shirt. But he swears he loves it!

We never got to officially go out and celebrate with all the craziness right now but hopefully we will get in a date before Rhys comes!

I got this idea of my friend Autumn's blog for kids valentine's.....for some reason I can't get the final version to upload from photoshop......I added words for each kid and then punched holes in there hands and put a sucker. They were a big hit....now I have to come up with something for next year!

My friend Bethany and I hosted our annual Vday party I love love love planning parties for the little kids they are so cute and have such a good time. We had an awesome turn out and I can't even believe how many kids we have these days! Next up......Easter!!!

These are only about half of the kids. They are getting so big compared to the first year we did it!

The boys were so excited to have there first fun dips.....I know lame Mom I really try to limit the candy they eat especially Ryder he is a crazy person on sugar and really there is already so much sugar in everything else! They were in heaven .....until Sawyer got sugar in his eye...melt down!

We had a great day or days of LOVE filled things. I love my boys and am so lucky to get to spend my life with them!!


karin said...

I love how much you love to celebrate. I have taken it on a little. I just want my boys to remember I am fun too.
I LOVE the pepperoni! I think I will have to do that next year :)
And I am jealous of your ring, my 10year anniversary is comic up maybe I can hint.

Lisa said...

What a fun Valentines Day! Lots of good memories for your little ones :)
I love your ring too!

Charise said...

Ok, you are ADORABLE and I LOVE YOU IN ALL WAYS! I miss you and all of our sweet girlfriends. I wish I still had a beach house for us to go have a girl's weekend at.

You pizza looked DELICIOUS! How did you make it?

Miss you much. I baby home yet?