Monday, February 21, 2011

33 Weeks......Is that really me??

The other day while at the park helping Noah ride his I caught my reflection......YIKES! Some days I look in the mirror and think wow I am going to burst. Other days I feel like my belly is shrinking. It is so weird. I can't believe that we could literally have a new baby anytime.

Things I will miss.....
:Feeling Rhys kick. He is a bruiser I love feeling him first thing in the morning!
:The know the you don't have to do ___________ because you are pregnant.
:How sweet strangers are to you when you are pregnant.
:Having a place to hold my phone it rests perfectly on my belly.
:My body?? I know did I really just say that....but really I have loved my pregnancy body this time around.
:The boys and Jeff talking to my belly. They all love to say HI to the baby
Things I won't miss.....
:nightly leg cramps
:being stuffed up for months
:peeing every 5 minutes
:nasty face acne and oily skin
I am so looking forward to getting everything ready the next few weeks. I am getting so anxious for little Rhys to get here!!!

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karin said...

I love. love this post.