Monday, January 10, 2011


January is huge for Birthday's in our family, almost every weekend we get to celebrate!! On Saturday we celebrated Grandma Jody and Aunt Shannon's birthday's. We went to Miguels and they gave us our own room which was great for the three trouble makers who are not restraunt friendly these days.

While waiting for our food we had fun taking pictures the kids were very patient!

Grandma Jody with her 4 Grandchildren. They were actually all hanging on her so we had to snap a picture of them. They love Grandma!!

We pretended we were on a date for about 5 minutes....then we were brought back to reality by the fifty bathroom trips and spills.

Aunt Lisa and Aunt Patrice they were brave enough to sit by us and the boys poor girls....the boys just love them.

Aunt Shannon, Kaitlyn, Grandma Jody, Grandma Connie, Patrice and me.

Me and my littlest cyclone.......he sure loves Mama. He is going to be in for a very rude awakening very soon....

The Heaton/Trapp group. Sadly we don't have very many group shots especially where everyone is looking!!

We had a great night. It was fun to get to celebrate with everyone!!

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