Wednesday, August 11, 2010

San Diego Part 2

Friday morning we went to the San Diego Zoo. We met Aunt Heidi, Taylee and David.
It was a great day. The boys LOVED the zoo. We researched some animals before
we went down there so we were excited to see some of the great animals they have.
These are in reverse order but hey:
This was at the Polar Bear Plunge. The boys loved
playing in the helicopter.

Lions were all Noah could talk about. Sawyer and Ryder kept
calling them Lion King. It was very cute.
Here is the only family picture we got that day.....

Noah was very excited to see the leopard. It kept following him back and forth
up against the glass.

Posing with baby Kaitlyn. Ryder was in a mood all day
he was not happy to share with her.
Sawyer relaxing at the polar bear plunge.....

Ryder LOVED the animals. Especially the Elephants. They have done such
a great job with the exhibit. Definitely worth the walking!

The kids had fun posing on every single statue that they could find.
The little boys loved the foot massager and tried to get daddy to put
quarters in one every time they found one.

David, Noah and Taylee's turn

Group shot minus Papa Rich, me and Ryder (who was throwing a hideous fit)

It was a fun day. We took the boys back to the pool
and wore them out big time. That night we left Leslie
with the boys and went out to dinner with all the adults.
It was fun to go out and have adult conversation and celebrate
Rich and Jody's anniversary!


Darci said...

So fun! I am glad that you guys had a great time! You really need to get the boys Angel hats, the dodgers suck! (I thought Jeff would love that)

Bethany said...

Looks like fun! We just bought passes. Did you get the pass so we can go together?

Courtney N said...

The boys look so cute in their Dodger hats!