Monday, January 11, 2010

1 to the 8

Today marks Ryder's eighteen month! I can't believe he is that old. I am so sad that my "baby" is more over a toddler now! This stage is always a hard one for me and it is especially hard this time because I just got one out of this stage like a minute ago!

Things I love about Ryry

*when he dances it is so cute because he hasn't figured out how to move his feet yet.

* He can finally walk and uses it as his primary mode of transportation.

* He LOVES his Daddy and walks around looking for him all day

* He loves to cuddle...please oh please don't let that change!

* He copies EVERYTHING his big brothers do EVERYTHING

*He loves nursery and could really careless about sacrament meeting.

* He doesn't have stranger anxiety yet and will pretty much go to anyone

* He is a great sleeper!

* He loves his bottle and his blankie!

I can't even imagine our life without our sweet baby boy!!


Aaron Shaw said...

Congrats Ryder on reaching the big 1-8!!!

shanda said...

that is a way good pic of him you can see his perosnality from his smile. I think that it is crazy that you not only have a todler but 3 kids

Larsens said...

I love that pic of him! He sure is a pretty boy!

Katie Anderson said...

He is so dang cute! When he did raspberries when you were running after him at the park, I couldn't help but laughing. The kid is a crack-up!

Courtney N said...

18 months?! Dang! I think that's how long its been since I've seen you guys... not really... but it feels that way!