Monday, October 20, 2008

...Santa Barbara


This weekend I get to go on a getaway to Santa Barbara with Jody, Patrice and of course Ryder. It was a great time and I was so glad that Jeff was so willing to stay home and be with the boys while I got away for a whole weekend. It was so nice to only have one baby to look after and I loved it up there!! Here is what we did....boring details so don't read on if you don't want to hear....

Friday we left the OC, thanks again Karin and Lisa for taking care of my sweeties....really this was the FIRST time I have ever left the boys with anyone who wasn't family...crazy I know!!
We headed off to Santa Barbara and stopped along the way for a great lunch in the park and some delicious Trader Joe's salads and then off to outlets for one of my favorite past times shopping!! I love outlets and did manage to find a few great deals! After we shopped until we dropped (literally)we were off to Santa was just getting dark but it was such a cute place with such cute buildings. We ate at a great Italian restaurant. YUMMY....seriously very yummy. We did some more shopping and walked through down town. We made it our hotel and all crashed from being out so late and doing so much walking

Saturday we were off to the Lemon festival in Goleta it was a cute little lemon festival with different booths and of course some yummy treats. After the festival we headed to UCSB, where Patrice went to college. We walked around campus and of course had to tour the book store. I could never have imagined going to school right there on the ocean it was so gorgeous. We headed up to the very exclusive Bacara resort, it is a gorgeous hotel that celebrities go to. We didn't think they would let us get out and walk around but they did it was so beautiful and everyone was so nice and friendly. We headed back down to Santa Barbara to have some dinner. We ate at a yummy cafe that had the best tarts and cupcakes the tarts had picture perfect fruit on top..mmm.
Afterwards exhausted from our walking and eating tour...we headed back to the hotel and watched Mama Mia. It was such a cute movie and fun music.

Sunday we turned into pumpkins and had to head back to normal life...but before that we drove through Santa Barbara and up by the mission it is so beautiful there.....We then headed down to the beach for the art festival that takes place on the street there were great little jewelry and art booths it was so fun to look at everything. We had some lunch and then headed back to our families at home. It was such a great weekend and I loved getting away and enjoying a mommy timeout....Thanks Jody and Patrice for a wonderful time!! Thanks Jeff for letting me go and taking such good care of the boys!!!
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Unknown said...

Sweet! Sounds like you had a great o'l time. It's soo nice to have time away.=)

karin said...

I am glad you got away for the weekend with just one...wasn't it a little weird with just one?

Darci said...

I am so jealous, I wish I could go and do something like this. I am glad that Brady, oh I mean Ryder hehe, was good for you.

Courtney N said...

So you liked Mama Mia? We are going to see it while we are in NYC (before the fam heads to Egypt). Im super psyched!