Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Call Super Nanny fast.....and cute brothers!!

First I'll start with the cute stuff.......These pictures I took the morning I left for Santa Barbara. Sawyer has been just loving on Ryder these days. He crawled into bed with me while I was changing Ryder and aksed to hold me....I tried to hold him thinking that is what he wanted but oh no he wanted to hold Ryder....he was so precious...Ryder was still naked from being changed and Sawyer started taking of his shirt too. It was so precious I had to take pictures. He was so excited when I brought home his little brother on Sunday he jusst wanted to sit and hold him.

Now for the super nanny part. I never understood how people could go on that show...really they are little you are big... deal. Maybe this is why I am pretty sure she is the only one can help me at this point. Noah bless his sweet little heart is giving me such a hard time these days. Really everything is a power struggle which leads to one of us in tears. From sun up to sun down everything is a whining crying fight. And why are we whining and crying....because no one around here is getting enough sleep. We have been starting our bedtime routine most nights at 7:30. Sawyer quickly falls asleep leaving Noah free reign. As soon as he is asleep noah takes anything Sawyer has in his crib to steal, pacifiers, blankets, bottles. He hides the pacifiers and brings us the bottle and uses the blanket for himself. After that ritual he spends the next hour sometime two to three hours coming out of his room delaying bedtime, he's hungry, he has to poop, he needs a drink you name it he has tried it. I have read what the super nanny says on this one so we take him back to his bed no words are exchanged the process goes on and one sometimes as late as ten.
Finally he is asleep only to start the process again at four in the morning. I am usually feeding Ryder in the dark and he tells me he needs cartoons I tell him it still the middle of the night and to go back to bed. This works until 5:30 and then for some reason he will NOT go back to bed....so he going to bed very late and getting up very early and then screaming, crying and falling asleep during the day. I am done I thought that him having some Daddy time this weekend doing some fun things would put him in check but oh no it is some serious drama the last two days.....I have gotten nothing accomplished and going anywhere is a complete disaster! I bought him an alarm clock and we are going to try and teach him that he can only come out at seven but we will see. Right now we are telling him if he can't get it together and stop waking up the entire family we will be putting him all by himself in his big bed all alone in the play room.....I am done I can not wake up at 4:00 anymore....
Potty training is a joke...really will he ever stop peeing his pants??
I am hoping it is all just a phase and with the whirlwind of changes this summer I am hoping we can now all settle into a routine and get back to being normal again..SOON!!!
So if you hear a kid sreaming at the top of his lungs in Target because his mom won't buy him the tenth toy he has shoved in the cart...it is probably me and before you judge, please feel a little pitty.....and then pray that I figure out what will break this kid what will be the punishment that actually makes him stop and that he thinks is bad enough to not do it again.


Darci said...

Why do you always think that we judge you?!?!? We don't. Every child has their THING. I think everything you are trying sounds great, especially if putting him in his own room will work.

Those pictures are sooooooo cute of Sawyer and Ryder. On Sunday Gwenie and Sawyer where doing stuff like that in nursery. I might need to start taking my camera to church.hehe.

Aubrey Leong said...

I swear it will get better. You guys are doing a good job. Just keep working on it and try not to give in. A year from now everything will be quite a bit easier. I'm sure of it!

Unknown said...

I want a copy of the pictures, they
are absolutely beautiful. As for
your oldest little man. He's got the "testing you" thing down and if I know you, you will pass with flying colors. You are a great little mom. Just love him and let him know who's boss. Heaven knows
I know who's boss, I lived with you for 20 years. xoxoxoxoxoxxoMOM

The Four on Board said...

HAH your mom is hilarious! and remember you said that noah is just like you?!?!?! hehe. that is too funny. i am sorry, i know that you will be by my side when this happens to me in just a few short years... i love watching super nanny though..she is GREAT! I totally believe in all the stories and feel for those poor families!

Lisa said...

we have all been there. gavin went thru a really bad phase (and thankfully that's all it was... a phase) but i remember being at wits end. this too shall pass.
trust me... no one is judging you!!

Aaron Shaw said...

Sounds like your trip was great!!! Thanks for the great pictures. Maybe you should ask mom what she did with you??? Your stories remind me of the ones she told us about you. I always remember the one were you cried all the way home from a trip and dad splashed water in your face!!! Ahh! Maybe I shouldn't give you any ideas. Hope you are all well!

karin said...

I have no advice, well no new advice. I think you keep doing what you have been doing. Consistency is what is best for kids, he told me he goes to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays (consistency, he knows it is coming).
We read books, usually 4 (2 each), and then they get separated if they play. Not that they don't try to stay up with the drink, potty, hungry stuff but it is easier to deal with if they are separate. We also will lay will them, they just can't stop some nights.

Katie Anderson said...

You are such a good mom...those boys are lucky! I'm convinced boys are from another planet! I know it will get better...even if getting better is him going on his mission...J/K! Everyone that has older kids says they treasure all the times with their kids and wish they could go back...whenever I'm about to snap I think about that...this will all be a memory soon and I might possibly want to return to the day when Lincoln threw soup across the kitchen, Hayden kept scolding me, and Spencer whined ALL day...that was today! Okay, I don't know about that but it's a good thought.