Monday, September 1, 2008


Ryan and Missy have a pet snake....really I should say Ryan. Noah is obsessed with it, he always asks me to look at pictures ontheir blog of the snake. Yesterday after the blessing Ryan and Missy had to run home, and they asked if they could take Noah with them for a visit with the snake. Noah went along...rare for him to go anywhere without Jeff or I but I guess the prospect of finally meeting the snake eased the seperation anxiety. Missy knowing my crazy blogging obsession even thought to take pictures!! Thanks Missy!! Noah LOVED the snake and was telling everyone at the party that he got to touch the red you can see I don't think it is really red. Noah had a great time and even told Jeff again all about his snake visit before he went to bed last night. Jeff said that he would rather have a snake than a dog...I say dog...I don't do snakes...we once had a pet snake that I caught as a kid get loose in the house for a few weeks....eeew and we won't be getting a snake or dog anytime sooon. Thanks Ryan and Missy for making Noah's snake dreams come true!!


karin said...

First, LOVE Noah's shirt. I would rather have a dog than a snake but that means we are done having kids because 4 is my limit.

Courtney N said...

I just thought you should know that I named the snake. His name, is now, Chester.

Kelly said...

I have to agree, I love Noah's shirt too! I could never have a snake in my house, ugh!

Darci said...

Just as we were leaving Utah, my sister told us that their pet snake had escaped and they didn't know where it was?!?!?!?! This was after a week of sleeping at their house with Gwenie, let me tell you I was not amused. I say get a dog, even though I don't like them either!

Unknown said...

Remember when Aaron's pet snake escaped in the house and we thought
it had made it back outside because
one of the neighbor kids found it's
twin in the engine compartment of their truck!!! We only found it because I came home and saw it trying to escape out of your and Les' bedroom window. Ohhhhh, It still creeeeeeps me out. xoxxoxoxox