Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eighteen Months



Sawyer turned the big 18 yesterday as in months....we actually snuck him into nursery last Sunday he goes in every other weekend while Jeff is in there so he knows what to do and fits in perfectly. He is such a funny little man. It just cracks me up how DIFFERENT he is from Noah. I truly believe that our children come to us in the order they are meant to. Noah was what I thought to be a high maintenance baby and then Sawyer was SO passive and now Ryder is VERY high maintenance. Here are some of the things Sawyer does that we love...
*he is so cuddly in the morning, he just wants to snuggle and be held.
*he talks so much it is so amazing some of his favorite words are; Daddy, Mommy, Noah, Baby, Outside, Banana, Cup. (he says a ton more but these he says the most)
*he climbs on EVERYTHING, he can now climb up the chair and onto the table and yes we have a high table
*he loves drawers and emptying their contents drives me NUTS
*he loves to eat any and all things, his favorite foods are chicken nuggets, strawberries, bananas, pasta, turkey and cheese
*he loves his binky or "B" as he calls it and HAS to have a bottle every night before bed, I know slacker mom but hey I just had a newborn.
*he loves any and all things that involve Noah
He is still at the fun throw a tantrum age but we love him so!!

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Lisa said...

yay sawyer! i love that kid.