Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Preschooler

So these are horrible pictures I am going to take new ones this week but still this child just may be the worst subject to photo.

Noah started preschool last Tuesday. He has been so excited about starting and could not wait to meet his new friends and teachers. He is JUST like me, on the first day he just walked right up with absolutely no fear or apprehension and loved every second. On Thursday he just walked right up to the kids and was like hi remember me...he is so friendly and LOVES his new school and his teachers and friends. The other day while we were driving home from Temecula he was talking talking talking talking and after five thousand questions I finally said I don't know Noah lets try to have some quiet time he then said in his sweetest voice but mom I like to talk. I had to laugh and simply answer I know Noah me too. Now I totally know what my parents and teachers went through....atleast my mother never cursed me I can't even imagine the child I would have gotten...thanks mom!


Lisa said...

so cute! i need to get gavin into preschool.

shanda said...

you have a kid in school can you belive that are you really ready for that. Im not. Supper cute.