Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who cries more? Mom or Ryder.....

HELP!!! Is all I have to say. I always thought people were crazy when they said their baby had colic....(that is probably why I am being punished now!) But really the newborn stage has always been my favorite....but poor Ryder is really having a rough life and it makes me cry because I have NO clue what it is that is making him so upset....No dairy didn't work, I tried to cut back on chocolate and timing his feedings...I have read caffeine isn't good so I guess I need to try that but I REALLY hope it is not that. Any mom's have any advice....I am at my whits end...maybe I am to learn patience....but all I know is walking, swinging, driving, crying myself don't really work! But these things do help ease the pain about 15 minutes at a time:
*swaddle, swaddle, swaddle...the tighter the better oh and arms must be out.
*slings, I have THREE that all hurt my back in different places and he is happy if he is strapped to me.
*swing, he enjoys his swing most of the time and will soon be spending nights there if he doesn't start sleeping better.
*nature's bliss Gripe water is amazing and I may ask Henry's to sell it to me by the gallon!
All I know is everything that I have read says colic peaks at six weeks and stops at three months....I really don't think I will survive if this goes on for another 6 weeks!!


grandma jojo said...

marty williams swore by mylacon drops which i passed on to daughter in-law mandee. she says they were a life saver. so you might give them a try. available at most stores in the baby section.

karin said...

First, LOVE the new background.

Second, I don't really have any advice. But if it helps, baby i was the same way about this age but we just suffered through it (and he sleeps and has slept through the night- sorry- but he didn't/doesn't sleep a lot during the day). And he has been fine for weeks- so it goes away sooner than you think. **Why do you think I have the "touch"

Unknown said...

Sorry sweetie, but I remember when you were a baby. I laid on the bed and rocked the bassinet with my foot and cried. sleep baby, sleep baby, shhhhhh, please just sleep baby.over and over again. It will get better, I promise. and...if you need Grammy and Grampy would love to have Sawyer and Noah anytime. Just say the word...(Try to stay away from any bad ones..)

Darci said...

I have TONS of advice. Gwen had colic really bad. What saved me was to stop breast feeding, that is what really stopped it. But if you don't want to do that, then I have things that I did that did help.

1. You have to take everything out of your diet. What you are eating is what is giving him problems. You have to eat only plain food. I lived off of water,plain baked chicken,white bread & white rice.

2. You need to have him sleep on his tummy, it allows him to work out the gas that he can't get out. Being on the tummy really helps them to pass gas and that is what they need. They are in pain because they have gas and it can't get it out.

3. I gave her those Mylacon drops all the time and it seemed that she was better when she had them.

Katie Anderson said...

Yeah...I remembered your blog address! It will be fun to check up on your kids and pictures and everything. Here is mine if you ever want to take a look.

Darcy said...

As far as slings go I have the ultimate baby wrap and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I can still carry Brody around in it at 15 months and it doesn't hurt my back. When he was a few months old I could barely even tell I was carrying him around. It takes awhile to get use to wrapping it around you but it is well worth the learning curve in my opinion!

Unknown said...

Oh Abbie, I totally know how you feel!! Grant had really bad colic, I was beside myself as well. Of corse I pumped him full of mylicon, but the thing that helped him to sleep for a few hours anyway was his car seat. The incline helped and I wrapped him up tight.

I also agree with Darci, really try suppimenting and see if that helps him, then if you're still wanting to nurse cut out the stuff in your diet...I didn't do very well but I'm sure you can do it.

I feel for you! Good luck