Friday, August 29, 2008

Jack's Birthday....

Last Saturday we went down to Nicole and Jason's for Jacks first birthday. The boys had a great time playing with the cousins and eating lots of food! I can't believe Nicole threw a party five days before her c-section.....I wish I could do that.

Jack wasn't so into his cake...luckily Sawyer was there to help him!!

The kids had fun playing in this box. I thought they were missing but they were just hiding.

Sawyer is so cuddly I love it. He wants to be held alot and will still come and sit with me on the couch!

This is the way the boys love to play on there train table....they both have to sit on it.

Noah update....still no naps this week, we have quiet time instead...sometimes he falls asleep. I wish I could say since my last post that the week got better but not so much. In fact on Wednesday Noah decided while I was changing to move Ryder from his swing to the couch...(it is about 6-8 feet away)I really don't know how he did it and didn't drop him....probably with angels all around him. He unbuckled him and everything...I guess Ryder will be accompanying me to the bathroom now too.

Ryder is still fussy but getting better, my friend who had preemies reminded me last night that it would take him longer because he should have still been inside. So I still have hope for it to end....all I know is Jeff gave him formula last night and he was up all night very very luckily it isn't that bad all the time.

These boys are definitly giving me a run for my money...I thought I had a lot of energy...they are great and I do have to remind myself of that when the days/weeks get long...and I am lucky to get to be home with them everyday....they grow up so fast!!! Ryder is already seven weeks crazy...I think having a baby in the summer makes it all go by so fast!!


Darci said...

I can only imagine how crazy it can be with 3 kids, I am really thinking I will stop at 2, but who knows?!?! Sawyer is so cute, cuddling is the best medicine.

karin said...

LOVE Sawyer with the cake. Having 3 will get easier...they will get older and then you will wish they were little again.