Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What a week......

Well we have been busy this week. We got to go to Disneyland on Wednesday which was nice since we have not been since before Christmas. The boys loved it they are so welll behaved there that it makes me want to go everyday.

This is Noah on Casey Jr. Train he loves trains!!!

Noah's friend Brody liked the train too and had to have his own seat...must be the age!!

The kids loved disney...no they are not picking their noses they were laughing....they had not seen eachother in so long I think they were so happy to be out and about again!
We also celebrated Jeff's Mom's Birthday this week. We went to lunch with family, it was nice to see people we don't see everyday. Ever since we saw Nicole's baby Jack Noah has been telling me that we are having a baby Jack. He is too funny. That night we went to Chuck E Cheese, Jody said that is where she wanted to go, Noah loved it and has been asking to go back EVERY day since!!! Maybe that will be the bribe to help get him off the pacifer! We will see if it works! We had a great weekend as part of Jody's Birthday celebration we went to see WICKED!!!! It was so amazing I loved it!!!! We also went to dinner at North Woods....it was so yummy I wish I wasn't pregnant so I could have eaten more it was seriously so good!!! We spent the rest of the weekend at my parents, they watched the boys for us while we went to wicked. We got to spend time with them and enjoy Stake Conference. There aren't a lot of pictures I forgot my camera this weekend....and we were running late and had NO time to turn around!!! Bummer....!!!! I love when Noah does stuff like this is makes me laugh!!!


Darci said...

So fun! We want to go again ASAP!!!!! I am going through withdrawls, I need Disneyland. If you ever want to get a new background let me know I can tell you where to get them.

karin said...

I realized you were busy but when you put it down like this it makes me realize it even more. Hopefully life will calm down a bit for you and we can hang out a little bit. The boys miss each other.

The Four on Board said...

ok so how do you get a new background? your friend "the pants family" knows how? tell me when you figure it out!