Friday, January 18, 2008

Just have my mail forwarded.......

To Disneyland!!!! We got a chance to go again on Wednesday with our usual Mom's group. Jeff and Rich had a conference close by so they met Jody and I there and we had a great time.

The boys love the car on Mr. Toads Wild Ride!!

Sawyer got to go on Small World with me while Noah went on the Matterhorn!

We found a new place to eat....the riverbelle terrace restaurant opened finally and they have the best fresh sandwiches, carved turkey or prime rib. I loved the Turkey and almost everyday since I have told Jeff that I am going back for another!!! He then reminds me that by the time I got there and got the kids out of the car I would be too sick from not eating. He is right so I will have to wait until Tuesday when we go again!!! Any takers are welcome to come!!!

Waiting to get on Buzz!!!

I also had some great finds this week at Target. My friend Karin and I go to Target at least once a week for at least a few hours. Our favorite thing since Christmas has been the 75% off toy either of our kids need more toys but they are so cheap you can not help but look. Well I am glad that I did! I found the boys a kitchen for 24 dollars it was regularly 98!!! I was so excited and Noah has had so much fun with it the last few days!!!
Today I found Noah some Cars slippers for 1.98 I have been looking for some and was so happy when I found them for so cheap!!!!

Yesterday we went to the park with our friends. The kids just love it!! I think that we were there for over three hours. It was a lot of we just need the rest of the ward to join us for park days!!!

Big A would not look at the camera!!!

Little a loved the slide!!!

I can't believe that Noah was not more afraid!
There is this crazy green slide that literally has a huge bump in the middle and sends the boys flying!!! It made Karin and I nervous every time the boys tried it. Noah fell on one of the slides and has a huge fat lip, I wish I could take a picture on the inside to show you how huge it is and it is making him talk like Bubba from Forrest Gump.

Big A and Sawyer....he loves when the big kids play with him!!!

Sawyer loved being in the sand!!!

Brody and Noah being posed by the Moms!!

I am so glad that it is finally Friday, Jeff has a three day weekend and we have plans to get things done around the house it will be very nice to have this place more live able!!! Sorry for all the pictures I have been having sooo much fun with my camera!!!


karin said...

WOW! I am a slacker blogger, I think everyone but me has posted their photos already.

Too bad you won't be at church on Sunday, I have a story about today- I am going to leave you in suspense for the WHOLE WEEKEND. (I know I am mean but we're still friends)

cari said...

How come you won't be at your ward? You're not coming out here are you?? Well, I think I'm up and bloggin again so check me out.

Darci said...

Don't worry about all the photos that is the best part, in my opinion. The park looks like fun and eventually we will come and enjoy.

cari said...

Cute background but, can you post a new entry while you're at it???