Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Tag......

So I have been tagged a few times but I am lame so here is one.....

Four Jobs I have had:
1. My first job in high school was at Baskin Robbins (I still scoop ice cream very well)
2. I was a receptionist at American Synergy every summer when I came home from college and whenever they would let me come back.
3. Robinsons May, I miss that store so much I got sooooo many deals it was ridiculous I don't think I left that job with ANY money.
4. Manicurist, at a day spa. This was my favorite job only because I got massages and facials weekly.

Four places lived:
1. Temecula, I think that it will always be home!!
2. Rexburg, I am glad I won't be returning, no place should be that cold.
3. Provo, I would never live there again. Not that I don't like Utah just not Provo.
4. Mission Viejo. Finally I think we are staying somewhere for a bit.

Four movies I could watch over and over:
1. Sweet Home Alabama...I love this movie, I know it by heart.
2. The Italian Job...I love the mini coopers and Mark Wahlberg
3. The Devil Wears Prada....when we had a free HBO preview I watched it like every weekend...Jeff hated it.
4. Steel makes me cry EVERY TIME!!

Four Shows I watch:
Disclaimer: I am a reality TV junky....I was before the strike
1. American Idol....I am ready for Hollywood.
2. John and Kate plus 8....Noah and I LOVE to watch it
3. 90210...I am an addict and I watch it almost everyday
4. Project makes me want to sew every time I watch it.
I watch way more shows than that...that is so sad

Four Places I have been:
1. Hawaii so great!!!
2. Yosemite...really pretty
3. Disneyland almost every week
4. Target...twice this week in fact

Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
1. Karin
2. People from playgroup
3. Jeff
4. ?? I blog better than I email!!

Four Favorite Things To Eat:
1. Mexican....I love love love Super Mex
2. Chocolate...I would die without it.
3. Cheese...I am a sucker for it I always have cheese in the fridge.
4. Bread, especially sourdough.

Four Places I Would Rather Be:
1. Disneyland...of course
2. The is a BEAUTIFUL DAY.
3. My bed sleeping
4. In a nice Bath tub with jets.

Four Things I Look Forward To This Year:
1. Finding out what we are having....I can't wait until Monday.
2. Having our baby....August it too far!
3. Watching my Boys grow up.
4. Decorating my house.

Four People I Tag:
anyone who wants to do it, or who needs to post...hint hint.


karin said...

I LOVE Sweet Home Alabama & Steal Magnolias and Jon & Kate Plus 8 & American Idol (they are making the Writer's Strike livable.

Darci said...

So great getting to know more about you!!! Disneyland was fun today, wish you were there.

cari said...

Oh, I knew all of those things. It makes me feel like the best aunt in the world to know so much about my little niecy!