Thursday, December 27, 2007

A sick Christmas.....

Well we like everyone else had a wonderful holiday weekend. We started our festivities last Sunday with a holiday party at Jeff's Mom and Rich's house. It was a lot of fun we had some great BBQ...that Rob and Shannon brought. It was a lot fun to be together as a group and catch up. Patrice made some amazing cupcakes and Noah and Sawyer enjoyed new toys. Noah loved baby Jesus and keeps wanting to sing him Jingle Bells. On Monday we went to Jeff's Dad and Michelle's house to celebrate Christmas Eve with everyone. We had a great dinner, I am still wanting more mashed potatoes and scalloped potatoes... they were so good. The boys had a lot of fun chasing after their dog Boomer. Poor Boomer could not get away from them!! I was so excited because I got a new camera from Jeff's Dad and Grandma and can finally take pictures again!!! We went out to Temecula after the festivities to spend some time with my family. We finally got to bed and then an hour later Sawyer was up totally throwing up. Jeff ran off to the pharmacy. I stayed up the remainder of the night worried that my poor babies first Christmas was ruined. Thank goodness the Christmas Story was on all night on TBS or I would have been really bored. Despite Sawyer being sick he was still very mellow and good on Christmas day. Noah had so much fun opening and playing with all of his new toys. He got a TON!!! He had a lot of fun playing with his cousins. Sawyer is finally feeling better today and I am just waiting for the rest of us to come down with the dreaded flu!!! So we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!


karin said...

I am glad you- I mean, Sawyer is feeling better. Your photos look great! Don't you love your camera?

I meant to call you today but I was trying to get stuff organized and cleaned before Con got here.

Ryan and Missy- said...

What's with all this sickness on Christmas?!? I'm sick with a dreadful cold and am just waiting for Ryan to catch it. Sad day!

Glad you guys had a great Christmas though! We missed you at Walt & Darbi's.