Thursday, December 6, 2007

Baby Discrimination!!

Dear Retail Stores(who carry baby items),

I am a mom with a chubby baby....this is his first Christmas and yes he wears at least twelve months...why must you discriminate and not make first Christmas outfits for my little butterball. I promise he would look just as cute as the skinny babes out there. I have been so sad and have had to settle with a 2T Santa Hat and a bib. For my next baby will you please make outfits big enough for all the firsts!!
Mom of a baby who never saw food he didn't like!

Noah is constantly cracking me up I wish that I could just video tape him twenty four seven. Yesterday he got himself dressed and told me he was ready to is what he came up with....

He was not happy when I told him I would not take him anywhere looking like that.
We have this great gate for Sawyer, I highly recommend it. Noah hates when I put Sawyer in it because he can't get to him or drive him nuts. Yesterday he asked if he could play in it.

It did not last long but Sawyer enjoyed a bottle and some crawling space free of a tyrant who thinks he is helping. I am so glad that I get to spend every day with these cuties and all the joy and craziness that come from all that they do!!


karin said...

I LOVE it and the fact that you took 2 of those photos (that I know of) in one day. Noah is hilarious! And retailers do discriminate against bigger babies.

Darci said...

So true about the retailers I have a friend with the same problem as you do. Noah is so funny, I love his outfit. Did you ever see that Adam Sandler movie where he has the kid and lets him dress however he wanted?? That is what Noah reminded me of.

Kelly said...

I hear you on the discrimination thing. I had a hard time even with Christmas sleepers last year and Brody was only 4 months old!! I had to take back a 6 month one and go for the 9-12 monther.

Noah looks so cute though! I would have been laughing so hard if I saw him in that wanting to walk out the door.

I feel like I haven't see you guys forever!!! I hate being sick!!

cari said...

Okay, Carter saw Noah in his outfit and said "Ewwwww". I don't think he approved. Not like Carter could come up with an outfit much better. WE should get them on tape singing Jingle Bells together.