Saturday, December 15, 2007

An attempt at a poem....

Twas a week and two days before Christmas...

My camera is dead and the blogging has stalled
I am so stressed I think I might go bald

The shopping is no where near done
and the malls are oh so fun

I keep dragging my family from one event to another
and then wonder why my two year old wants a new mother

The boys are busy busy
and I am dizzy dizzy

Jeff is very busy at work with the end of the year
I am trying so hard to spread more holiday cheer!!!

okay so I can't even rhyme...but I am a dork with no post in a while...I have to try and get my pictures up. We had a great weekend last week we participated in many activities even despite the rain....Noah loved Follow the Star at our church and wanted to just be with all the animals. We made a gingerbread tree with some of Jeff's cousins and Jody found some really great markers that you can draw on food with and they are edible!! The kids loved playing with them.They made snowmen with vanilla wafers and marshmallows. We are having so much fun with this time of year!! I love that Noah is so into all of the holiday festivities! I hope you are enjoying the season too!!


Cassie said...

That was a pretty good but sad poem!! Holidays can be stressful for moms but then Christmas day is always so worth it! I bet Noah is so excited!! Try to relax and enjoy the holiday before its gone!

karin said...

You make it sound like you are having a bad holiday season- but I know you live for these stuff, having event after event to attend.

I hope you get some photos up soon- my boys are starting to forget what Noah and Baby Sawyer look like.

Kelly said...

I had no idea that you were a great poet! Such a tragic one at that! I haven't seen you forever it feels like. Oh guess I saw you on Mon so not long ago. The ward christmas party was fun, we missed you guys!

Darci said...

Good job at the poem and I am proud of you for thinking of something when there seems to me nothing to add to the blog, we all love hearing everything though.