Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We made it!!

Deep deep breath! We made it! It has been a LONG, HARD five months! I feel like this was our first real busy season. It was craziness. I was so giddy last night when Jeff came home at 5:30 and then today asked me to go to lunch with him!! We have him back!! Now he can tackle my mile long to do list of things he handles and things that come with buying a house.

On my agenda:
New computer. Our computer died in December. We bought a new one and unfortunately we bought a complete lemon. So now we are doing research and hopefully we will be getting one soon! Blogging from my phone and iPad don't make for great posts with pictures.
Decorating the living room.
I have NO idea what we will do with it.
Appointments Jeff and I both have a million appointments that we have put off since moving, eye, dental and drs.
Mostly dinner as a family in have been so lonely and I am so happy to have him around again!!

Tomorrow we go on a mini Disneyland vacation. And hopefully we will be able to post soon!!

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Whitmore Family said...

Glad he's back! Have fun at Disneyland!!