Saturday, April 21, 2012

Post Busy Season Vacation!!!

As tradition we always try to go to Disneyland after busy season. Jeff has been doing this since he was a kid. Some years it falls on spring break so it can be VERY crowded. This year was the BEST year we have had in years!! The lines were SO short and it wasn't extremely hot the first day!!! We decided to get a hotel close to Disneyland and go for two days since we have not really seen much of Jeff since December. It was a great treat and it was so nice to be together as a family. It worked out perfectly Noah's birthday fell on the second day. And what better way to spend your birthday than skipping school and going to Disneyland. We stayed at the Embassy Suites about a mile away from Disneyland. It was a perfect hotel with a breakfast buffet each morning.!

These pictures are in reverse order......Noah has been saving his allowance for a month I have been so proud of him saving and that combined with some birthday money he was able to get a huge Lego.....the fire plane!!
Our second day at Disneyland was a bit rough.....Poor Rhys had a slight teething fever and was pretty miserable he took it in stride and slept most of the day in the stroller poor guy!!
Another major mishap was after lunch we were heading on the jungle cruise and Ryder barfed inline. It was pretty awful. Still not sure what happen could have been the heat the star tours or what. After a nap in the stroller he was perfectly fine and has been since. The only good thing about barfing at Disneyland, free water and they clean it up for you! But I still hope that it was a first and last experience.
Noah was so proud of his Birthday button. He chose most of the rides all day and got to be a part of the star wars show!

End of the first day! the boys did great we were at Disneyland all day. Noah and Sawyer walked all day and even ran through California Adventure so we could make it to our shuttle and not have to wait another 30 minutes!
Eating cotton candy waiting for world of color to start.....
Yummy BBQ dinner it was Delicious! Definitely will go back some day!

Thank you Grandma Jody and Papa Rich for a fun day at Disneyland!
Disneyland nap!!

Noah and I got to ditch the babes for a little California Screamin I love that he loves the roller coasters. He has no fear and loves to go on Everything. The faster the better!!

Until next year!!!

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Courtney N said...

What a great tradition! Who doesn't love Disneyland?!