Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Sawyerbop!

I Remember the day Sawyer was born like it was yesterday!! I remember waking up being so excited for him to arrive one because I was so sick with him I couldn't wait to be able to eat again with out throwing up!! My c-section got moved back until the end of the day I was SO ready when the time came. He was so perfect and from the second I saw him he looked like a Sawyer. I was in the hospital for 5 days. Sawyer's recovery and csection was by far the hardest recovery I was in so so much pain and I honestly don't know how I survived the first few weeks with him and Noah.

Poor Sawyer wasn't a baby for long his little world rocked when he came home from being sick to a brand new baby brother. His personality was never the same after that.

Sawyer has always been my sweet and sour boy he is always all one or all the other.

He is so smart and just loves life and asking a million questions!!

For his special day it was all about him all day long!

Happy Birthday Sawyer bop!

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Whitmore Family said...

The picture of Noah holding him when he was brand new is so cute! Happy Birthday Sawyer!

jenn said...

That picture of little Noah is SO cute. Not that Sawyer isn't cute! He is adorable! Can't wait to kiss him all over!