Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Love Hate relationship with Christmas Break....

Well mostly hate with a teeny tiny bit of love.
I LOVE no schedules, hanging out in my PJ's until noon. That's where the love ends.

I hate the week before Christmas break part the most. I mean really I have almost let them open a present just so they will stop asking me every 2.5 seconds when it will be Christmas day. This week pretty much puts me right out of that Christmas spirit.

And then there is the sickness, kleenex, snot, headache oh and let's not forget the teething baby.

Each day I have big plans for fun but the above wear me out fast. So here is the last day I have to deal with the kids alone tomorrow starts Jeff's 4 day weekend! Wahoo!
The plan is to park it up even though there is pretty much a tornado outside. But the tornado inside is SO much worse.

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karin said...

I think Isaac is having a harder time than I am with the break from school. He hasn't been "in charge" this week and then I hear about it and THAT puts me not in the Christmas spirit.
I hope you can park it up. The backyard has saved me the last couple days. Oh and Jill sending me out kid-less has helped immensely :)