Wednesday, September 14, 2011

You know it's been awhile.....

Wow poor neglected blog.. Seriously you know it's been awhile when you download thousands of pictures. Not to mention I got on blogger and I don't even recognize it. YIKES!!!
So rather than do a bunch of posts here is a little Trapp summer recap.  Keep in my mind I did not take any pictures....really I was sad with how many memories we missed.  Boo.

Well first things first The Bachelorette season finale party.....this was the first EVER and might I say it was fabulous......We had cocktails and appetizers and of course roses and engagement rings. 

 Thanks Cari for all your help! Of course you had to dress up in your cocktail attire. I have the best friends!!! I am Chris Harrison the host if you didn't catch that. I had made promises to wear my wedding dress but nursing baby kind of ruined that one. Next time. And yes I said next time. 

Drooly baby seriously this is how Rhys looks at the end of EVERY day. I am just waiting waiting for him to pop a tooth up but nope still just drool and chewing. 

In August we took our trip with the Heaton/Trapp crew down to San Diego.  It was a great trip thanks Rich and Jody. By far my favorite thing was watching the boys play so sweet with Kaitlyn they love her!

First stop Sea World......

 Next stop the beach. Uncle Rob dug to water the kids had a blast playing in the gian hole.

 On Sunday before heading home we stopped again at the mormon batallion we just love that place!!!
More next time! I am almost caught up!!


Whitmore Family said...

I love your Bachelorette party. How fun!

Larsens said...

Thanks for the throwing the party! Did you hear Ben is the next Bacholer??