Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fathers Day

We had some big plans Fathers Day weekend. What we didn't plan for was strep throat. Talk about major bummer.

Jeff and I bought tickets almost 2 years ago for U2. We were so pumped to go!!

I got strep throat the day before the concert and I felt like death. I opted sadly to skip the concert. I was very sad and it was definitely no fun to stay home with 4 kids. Jeff felt good enough to go and had a great time. Although I have forbidden him from talking about it or rubbing it in.

So Jeff started off his fathers day at U2. Then that morning we surprised him with cinnamon rolls from cinnamon productions and presents. We went to church and then had a yummy dinner of roast beef and potatoes. We ended the night with dessert at Jeff's uncle's house.

WE are so lucky to have Jeff in our life. He works so hard for us and we are glad we got to spoil him a little. Although he definitely deserved more!!

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