Thursday, June 16, 2011

Open House

We had a great time at Noah's very first Open House!! He had so much fun showing us all over his classrooom and all the things he has had fun doing this year. Noah has had a rough start this year. I am sad that he truly hates school. I am hoping over the summer we can find some things that can make it a bit more fun for him. He has such a LONG school career ahead and I really want him to do well and enjoy it.

Here he is with his teacher.......he keeps doing this fake smile in EVERY picture. Grrr drives me crazy!!

By far the highlight was the slide show the teacher had put together. He loved seeing himself and his friends.

Before Open house we met Jeff and In-N-Out for dinner. I realized I had dressed the boys all in monkey shirts so I had to get a picture. I love Paul Frank tee's on the boys!!


Some day they will give me a decent picture!

4 more days of school I am so excited for summer!!! (Yes I am sure that will only last a week)

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