Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Saving Dinero

Week 2 of coupons another success!
Here is my haul. Not pictured another bottle of excedrin, three bottles soft scrub and 2 things of tooth paste and I still have $5 to spend on my next trip. I love CVS!

So here is the totals.....all of this would have cost me 128.70. I paid 53!
That's about a 60% savings wohoo!!

1 88 count buggies box diapers
1 23 count pampers diapers
1 excedrin regular 125 count
1 excedrin back and body 24 count
1 excedrin tension headache 20 count
1 excedrin migraine 24 count
3 renuzit air fresheners
4 crest pro health tooth paste
1 38 yds glide pro health floss
1 24 hr allergy relief
1 schick razor
1 schick razor cartridge
3 soft scrub cleaner sprays with bleach

Somethings I have learned....
Plan plan plan. If the store is out of something and they don't offer rain checks don't go on the fly and get something else it will mess up the plan!
Dont go when you will be rushed.
I Try avoid taking the kids and that helps a ton!
save receipts and double and triple check and don't be afraid to call out the cashier!!

Happy saving!!

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