Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Six Celebration

Before all the craziness of last week we got a chance to celebrate our six year anniversary. Jeff's mom was nice enough to watch all the boys all day so we could have a much needed day off. We headed down to Laguna to walk around and hang out. We love it down there it totally reminds us of our dating days!

After Laguna we of course had to make a Sprinkles run. mmmmm!! Jeff is so good to me.

That evening we had reservations at Trabuco Oaks Steak House. It was really yummy and they even brought us a cute sundae because we were celebrating our anniversary. We exchanged gifts....we don't do much for these days but I think we were both happy I got Jeff Punch Out for the Wii and Jeff got me a subsription to People which I am so happy with! After dinner we went to see a sneak preview of the Proposal. It was HILARIOUS. I have not laughed that long in a REALLY long time.

Thanks Jeff for a wonderful day I am so lucky to be married to you!!!!


karin said...

Looks like a great anniversary. Don't you wish you had more than one anniversary a year?

Bethany said...

Happy Anniversary! We went to Trabuco Oaks for our Anniversary last year! (but we didn't the sundae, darn!) We were just talking about how we need to go again. When you're feeling better we should get some couples together and go there for a date night!

cari said...

Happy Anniversary guys!! It is funny for me to think that I was about this far along with Porter when you guys were married!!!

Kelly said...

Congratulations on 6 years together!! We went and saw the Proposal last weekend and I loved it too! It was so good and I just love Sandra Bullock!