Friday, June 12, 2009

Ocean Institute

On Wednesday I went with Noah on his last preschool field trip. He has really taken a liking to all the ocean stuff. He is really fascinated and I am hoping we can get him to Sea World this summer so he can see whales and sharks!

sorry for the poor photo quality. I was using my camera on my phone since I forgot the big camera!
Here is the entire preschool Noah is in the younger class. He has LOVED preschool. He is really going to miss it over the summer.

Checking out the Sea Stars......

They did a great sorting and graph project Noah was so proud....

Noah and Drew on the way to the institute.

It was a great morning. I really treasure being able to spend a couple of hours doing something just for Noah. Out of all the boys he rarely gets one on one time. So it was nice especially when he was just so excited about this. Thanks Grandma Jody for watching the babies while I went with Noah!


Bethany said...

that place is so cool! it's cool at night too! i used to work the high school dances there. now that he's all done with pre-school and speech, he needs to come play at our house!

Hancocks said...

Super cute!! The ocean institute is really cool. How fun that you got to go too!