Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Love!!!!

Well as many of you we had a GREAT Thanksgiving!!! We went to my parents house, we were smaller in numbers, but my mom brought out the china and goblets!! It was so fun! Noah loved being with his cousins Porter and Carter they even had there own table for the three of them! Sawyer enjoyed every bit of the meal he ate turkey and potatoes and lots of jello. I think he might be allergic to pineapple both times when he ate the jello with pineapple in it he got really red cheeks?? Maybe it is just his teeth! We had a great time with my family yesterday...we went to the park and watched movies!! My parents completed there new kitchen appliances and bought a we get there old one...and for any of you who have seen my fridge you know how excited I am to finally have a fridge with shelves!! It was a really great time and we are so thankful that we got to spend time with one another!!! We are now onto the decorating for Christmas my how time flies!!!! I had hoped to post pictures but my camera is totally broken so we will see!!!


Darci said...

I gave Gwen mashed potatoes but she hated them and that was all that I tried to give her, she doesn't like our food. What is it with the men not wanting to play games????

karin said...

My boys ate rolls and they like everything too.
I am so excited for you to get a "new" fridge- I love getting new things (even if they are just new to me).

So we need to plan our party- maybe we should have a "Holiday Game Party" we can talk at play group.

Kelly said...

Love the "holiday game party" Karin! I think we should do white elephant gifts, John thought of some good ones and that my be the only way I can get him to go.

Brody only ate the rolls and some diluted punch. He wouldn't even touch anything else. He loves sweet potatoes too, but not that day.

Brody would always get a red face from eating spinach with his hands. I hear it has some thing to do with some vitamins being really strong and irritating. That might be the problem. I still feed him it though because he loves them so much and the best veggie out there!