Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tagged...Again...6 Random things about me!!!

Well I am pretty much an open book as many of you know but I will try and be original and think of a few things that you don't know about me....

1. I am a beauty school drop out. Just like in the movie Grease...When I got pregnant with Noah we decided I needed to work to get Jeff done with school quicker, I tried to go back but it all just happened to close to the baby. In my defense I do have a current Nail license in California and Utah...maybe that makes me sound like less of a loser.

2. I am totally afraid of the dark! I hate walking around the house when it is dark and when Jeff is not home I turn on every light in the house....I won't even walk out to the garage without lights, I am a whimp.

3.I played three musical instruments in high school, the flute, the oboe and the saxophone. I even had to do marching band...which I hated...I was so embarassed about it I would try and shove my case into my back pack so no one would know I was a band geek.

4. I am not a good student...when I was in college I majored in EVERYTHING, only to end up with an associates in general studies! I wish I had focused more on something that I really enjoyed.

5. I hate hate hate to do was the running joke in high school that I never wore the same outfit because I spent all my money from working on buying new clothes so I would not have to wash the ones sitting in a heap on my floor. As a mom it is still my biggest downfall...lucky for me I have a husband who helps me get caught up on the weekends!

6. I love to practice my handwriting...I love to write things over and over again. When I was in school I used to rewrite my notes to make them look what I thought was perfect...I guess that is why I love getting new pens and paper!!!

Well I hope that those were some fun facts about was fun I hope you guys participate...I am tagging Karin...I know she will respond...Shaylyn maybe that will force her to update her blog and my Brother Aaron..HAVE FUN I can't wait to here your answers!!!


karin said...

I didn't know you were a band nerd!

I will do it but don't plan on it for a couple of days, the holidays and everything.

Darci said...

I hate the dark to and sometimes I wake Brett up because I heard something downstairs and I am scared.