Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July fun!!

Or better titled survival!! Seriously being dog sick pregnant in summer is torture. My poor boys have been so patient. We haven't done much I average something once or twice a week. Which sounds like enough but with 4 crazy boys it's really not enough they would love to do something every day.
Some of the highlights from this month;
*sitting in the hall of church. Seriously I often wonder why we go. Rhys never lets us stay in class!!
*beach club visit. Oh how I miss this place so much!! It is by far my favorite place to take my kids in OC.
*Dallin came to So Cal. Seriously it has been five years since we last got together. So great to see him so many great memories to go over.
*rhys finally got his mullet got cut. Wow it was getting ugly!!

Next up out Hawaii trip!!

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